15 Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Smartphone

    Rooting your cell phone is the primary thing that rings a bell when we intend to execute some best Android Hacks.

    We root Android smartphone to introduce Android hacking devices, introduce custom ROMs. We also root our phones to delete few by default applications and so forth.

    Even we overlook rooting our Android cell phone may trade off our gadget. It will open the way to malware, programmers and furthermore void phone guarantee.

    This article talks about a few Android hacks that can be even performed on nonrooted android as well.

    As rooting android gadget voids your gadget guarantee, So observe on these amazing hacks underneath to continue.

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    Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone

    #1. Make Custom Widgets

    Make Custom Widgets
    These are an extraordinary approach to utilize the abilities of specific applications appropriate from the comfort of your home screen. Sadly, you have a tendency to be constrained by the creative energy and stylish sensibilities of a given application’s engineer. If you need to make your home screen extremely intelligent of your own taste and identity, take a stab at downloading the app such as Beautiful Widgets to give your phone a more individual touch. You can likewise set up alternate ways that shield you from navigating a similar commonplace menu on numerous occasions.

    #2. Using “Edge Display” on your Android

    Using "Edge Display" on your Android
    The Samsung S6 Edge accompanied an Edge Display, a method for demonstrating notices by lighting up pixels on the angled edge of screen. Everybody immediately concurred this was unquestionably the sexiest approach to get warnings conceivable. However, the S6 Edge’s unusual shape influenced the full Edge To show impact challenging to repeat on different gadgets.

    Luckily, you never again need to grieve in the uncool no man’s land of LED notices. An Android app known as Edge Color Notifications makes a couple of sidebars on the edge of your screen that intently imitates Edge Display. Of course, it’s not immaculate since your non-S6 Edge phone presumably doesn’t have a screen that wraps around the edges of your gadget. However, it’s an entirely close second. Download the application and begin accepting warnings in a substantially slicker manner.

    #3. Time To Automate The Android Phone Settings

    Time To Automate The Android Phone Settings
    Make your gadget deals with your fingertips utilizing this strategy. You can spare orders for your phones that are the point at which once you do it, the android will automatically do that. This is conceivable with the cool android application known as AutomateIt, by installing it you can spare every one of your orders in the android as per your desire.

    #4. Use Emulators For Running Your Lovable Old Games

    Use Emulators For Running Your Lovable Old Games
    Everyone says that “old is always gold” and people like you would never pass up a great opportunity all your most loved recreations like Super Mario that can be played on Android gadget. Furthermore, this is conceivable with the cool emulator which can be used to play the most loved games. Moreover, NES Emulator being an appropriate decision where you can get loads of new games for playing on the Android.

    #5. Re-arrange Navigation Buttons

    Re-arrange Navigation Buttons
    Indeed, it is conceivable you can without much of a stretch arrange all the route catches as indicated by your desire. Furthermore, it will make an android an extremely convenient gadget to utilize.

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    #6. Hiding Any Secret Whatsapp Multimedia from the Phone Gallery

    Hiding Any Secret Whatsapp Multimedia from the Phone Gallery
    You can Google the apt information For Hiding Whatsapp multimedia messages from Phone Gallery for getting Whatsapp media out from the phone gallery that cannot be very great constantly. To utilize it, and you influence your phone gallery to be immaculate to be shown to different mates.

    #7. Removing Stock Apps in Android

    Removing Stock Apps in Android
    As we as a whole know, pre-introduced bloatware is pointless, which back off the phone’s execution as well as devours parcel’s of memory.

    #8. See Your outgoing and Incoming Calls By Using Call Recorder App

    See Your outgoing and Incoming Calls By Using Call Recorder App
    By using call recording app known as Automatic Call Recorder that will work on each android set without rooting can naturally record every one of the incoming and outgoing calls that are done and arrived from the Android gadget and afterward hear them out with the total time recording of every call.

    #9. Adding Home Button Keys In Your Android Device

    Adding Home Button Keys In Your Android Device
    It is possible to include home delicate keys on the phone without you command for the rooting option. You don’t have to change the android cell phone for doing as such. You simply need to check the internet to search for the reliable information regarding this.

    #10.  Installing Linux OS On Android Gadgets

    Installing Linux OS On Android Gadgets
    Typically introducing Linux on Android gadgets requires establishing of your cell phone. It is possible to install Linux on the Android gadgets without rooting it.

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    #11. Setting Two Ringtones

    Setting Two Ringtones
    If you confound to choose out your coveted ringing tones from your most loved ones, you can choose them both without phone rooting. You only need to Google for the vital data which will help in selecting the desirable ringtones.

    #12. When To Use Android Device As Second Monito

    When To Use Android Device As Second Monito
    You can utilize your Android gadget screen as a moment display for your Windows PC or MAC. The best thing is you don’t have to pull your gadget for that. We simply need to install the iDisplay application on our cell phone and PC to utilize our Android as a moment screen.

    #13. Playing Videos of YouTube in The Background

    Playing Videos of YouTube in The Background
    In reality, on the off chance that you have rooted the android cell phone then you may think regarding Xposed installers that enable you to play out various changes which likewise incorporate Youtube Video in Background. Be that as it may, Videos can be played in Background and you can do it without rooting the Android gadget you simply need to experience the points of interest to find out about it.

    #14. Record Your Android Screen

    Record Your Android Screen
    By recording screen, you can track every one of the exercises of your android when you give your android to another person like your more youthful sibling, sisters or your friends.The strategy is fundamental and direct as you require a portion of the Screen recording applications for your android that you can use to record the screen of your android to screen each and everything on your android gadget.

    #15. Using Both Wifi and Mobile Data in the meantime

    Using Both Wifi and Mobile Data in the meantime
    Wifi and mobile data can be used simultaneously. Applications like Speedify and Super Download can support your web speed. The above two android apps help you join your Wifi and cellular connection for data transmission and cause your mobile data on when the Wifi quits working.

    Final Words

    So above are all Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone. With these Android hacks, you can easily make your android works according to you and this will also help you to make your Android looks cool. And these methods are very easy to implement and really effective one. Hope you like our work, do share with other too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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