Are Feminized Seeds Easy to Grow?

    The popularity of feminized marijuana seeds on the market is explained by two main reasons: the peculiarities of female cannabis plants and the easiness of plants growing.

    The point is that 99.99% of plants grown from feminized seeds are female. When it comes to cannabis female cultivars are the only ones, which produce so-called sinsemilla – the usual cannabis used for joints and different concentrates.

    As for the easiness of the feminized seeds growing, first of all, planting this type of seeds frees growers from the necessity to determine the sex of plants. It is especially important for beginners because sex determination is quite difficult and requires experience.

    In addition, the germinating process requires from growers minimum effort. To grow plants from feminized marijuana seeds growers more often use the classic method, which has been used by generations of growers, also known as the paper towel method.

    To germinate seeds of female cultivars:

    • Put a cannabis seed on the prepared clean paper towel
    • Fold the towel in half to cover the marijuana seed from the top and bottom
    • Moisturize the towel lightly spraying it with clean water
    • Create a dark, safe, and airtight germination space (the simplest way to create such space is to put the towel with your seed on a clean plate and cover it with another plate)

    It is necessary to wait from 24 to 48 hours for the seed germination. If you have old seeds, the germination will require more time (up to 7-10 days). During the whole germination process moisturize the towel.

    Feminized seeds could be grown indoors as well as outdoors. However, consider that the optimal temperature for cannabis growing is 21-24 (69-75 ). In addition, it is necessary to assure a definite air humidity level (about 40-50%) to exclude the risk of mold.

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