5 Tips for Businesses Looking to Recruit and Keep Millennial Workers

    Millennials currently make up over a third of the workforce in the US. As more and more of them are set to start to build up satisfying careers, it is important companies learn how to recruit and retain millennial workers.

    Below is a guide detailing things millennials consider important in the workplace and how your business can implement them.

    What’s my purpose?

    Millennials like to know what they’re working to achieve. No one wants to work without knowing their purpose, so it is important to make this clear as early as the initial interview. In fact, WeSpire listed a sense of purpose as number two in a list of things millennials need to be satisfied at work.

    Get your HR department to define the purpose behind a role before they even list it on job boards. Giving employees a purpose, especially one they believe in, is known the boost productivity and enthusiasm. Millennials are more likely to stay at a position for a long time if they can focus on the “how” of a purpose.

    Do your views match theirs?

    The best way to grow your business is to hire candidates who you would like to work with for a long time. Millennials have the luxury to choose work they believe in and, quite often, the industry ends up playing a vital role in that decision. A shortlist of applicants who share the same philosophies as your company can help you put together a core team of influential and creative people.

    Define your company culture

    Company culture can be a deciding factor that wins employee loyalty. It is the unique social and psychological environment created in the workplace, that is vital for morale and productivity.

    This largely ties into having a sense of purpose at work. As reminds us the environment we work in will dictate the quality of an employee’s professional life. Millennials expect their leaders to lead by example and give feedback on how they are performing.

    Provide career development opportunities

    Most millennials say career progression is one of the most important things about a job role. While older generations viewed entry-level jobs as a stepping stone to bigger things, the modern generation are not afraid to move abroad or leave a company to enhance career progression.

    Provide new employees with a robust training and development program. An environment that nurtures learning and continuously provides opportunities for growth is very appealing to millennials. Given these tools, they will drive a business to innovate and grow into new markets.

    Flexible working options

    Whether it’s to balance care commitments or just squeeze in a lunchtime run, flexible working options are extremely appealing to millennials. They place more value on output, rather than whether they are physically in the office or not. If they can get the same amount done from home, why shouldn’t they be allowed to work there?

    Working from home becomes a more viable option every day, especially with advancements that are being made to the average business phone system. With the entire office being available on the cloud, there is no need that millennials can’t be kept satisfied by their business.

    It’s undeniable that the introduction of millennials into the workplace will reshape how we do things over the coming years. But by following the above guidelines, your business will be able to keep up.

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