5 types of applications for having fun

    We often hear that smartphones are killers of live communication and good mood. Even in a friendly company, some people can waste the whole evening staring at the screen. And if you spend your time alone, there’s a great risk of just getting stuck scrolling through the news feed.  Is there a way to turn your phone into the center of the party? Yes, if you download interesting and fun apps beforehand!  

    Photo and video editing programs

    This kind of software is suitable for use both with friends and alone. PlayMarket and AppStore offer dozens of apps for every taste. Among the most popular are FaceApp, Ace FreakyFace, Photo Lab Picture Editor, Painnt, and Noizz, but this list is far from complete. You can play with masks, apply vivid filters, and assemble collages. An interesting option is the ability to look at yourself in old age or turn the photo into a caricature, an oil painting, or an expressive sketch. The trendy DeepFake technology is now available to every smartphone user, such as in the Familiar app. You can experiment in the company or alone, communicating in person or online. 

    Some editors don’t even have to be downloaded — they’re fully functional online. For example, you can swap faces funny on the swap face app in RetouchMe. Save the results of your creativity as a keepsake and post them on social media to collect likes!

    Board games in a new incarnation

    I Never did it, Truth or Action, ShakeMake, Alias, Picolo, Among Us and Scrabble are all apps that can replace the usual board games. Ask trick questions, bluff and explain, guess, get to know each other, and of course, have fun! You can play in person or online, so having a great time is even easier.

    Only funny content

    To avoid wasting time looking for memes, videos, pictures, and GIFs, just download an app that already has gigabytes of funny content, like 9GAG. Such programs are handy because you can watch memes by specific topics and headings and use other search filters. In addition, it is guaranteed to have fresh content, so you will always be in the trend of jokes from around the world. The application can independently form selections in the future, based on observations of the user’s preferences. Programs often involve the function of sending pictures and videos to popular messengers and social networks so that you can share the funniest of them with your friends. 

    Non-boring puzzles

    Using your brain to its full potential can be fun too! Applications similar to Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Find out: Find Hidden Object gather hundreds of thousands of fans for a reason. Compete in cleverness of thought, solve interesting problems and pass the quests. These games are suitable to spend time fun and useful for both adults and children.

    Chatbots with artificial intelligence

    All trends this year are beaten by applications with artificial intelligence. They can process images, help with studies or work, construct scientific texts, and even write poems. Another possible option is to maintain a funny dialogue. It looks completely conscious, and you can have a lot of fun discussing any topic with the artificial interlocutor. Some of the most famous representatives of the genre are SimSimi, a friendly bot with a colorful interface, and the acclaimed ChatGPT. A virtual friend can be like that!

    If you use your smartphone wisely, it can help organize a fun pastime for any number of participants. The main thing is to stock up on the right applications and a good mood.

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