How to Use Car Sharing

    Car sharing is a type of transportation service that is becoming more and more popular every year. It involves a driver gaining access to a vehicle and paying only for the actual time of usage. Car sharing is often preferred for short trips, which is why payment is usually made by the hour or by the minute. The car sharing system differs from traditional car rental by its high availability, convenience, and flexibility. Users do not need to go to the company to sign a contract or make huge deposits. Instead, they can use a special program to book a car and start using it within minutes.

    Step 1. Download app

    To make car sharing a convenient and accessible service, companies pay special attention to their application. In it, users can find available cars nearby, book them in just a few clicks, unlock the car door using their phone or a special key fob, and start their trip right away. You can download the app from the AppStore or Play Market. Just enter the name of the car sharing company you have chosen. Through the app, you can also see all the information about the trip, such as the cost per kilometer/hour/day, as well as the total cost including taxes and fines, so you know exactly how much you will spend on this trip.

    Step 2. Register in the app

    After downloading the application, you will need to register. Click the “Login” or “Register an account” button, depending on the interface. Registration usually requires a phone number, to which a confirmation code will be sent. After registering with the system, the next step is to enter your personal information and upload your documents. The car sharing company may ask for your full name, email address, a promo code if available, and ask you to agree to the terms of the contract offer. In the special section, upload a photo of your driver’s license, passport, and confirm verification. The car sharing software is designed in such a way that your registration appears on the company manager’s screen. After verifying all your data, the manager approves or rejects it in case your driver’s license is invalid or if you have taken a photo that poorly shows your data. After creating an account, you can start using the application immediately.

    Step 3. Select any car on the map

    Once your registration is confirmed, start looking for available cars near you. The application has integrated a map of your city, which displays the rental cars available in your current area and the distance to them. If necessary, you can use a special function to filter cars by type, such as sedan or SUV, before renting one for yourself. Once you have selected a suitable car, simply click the “Reserve” button.

    Step 4. Open the car through the app and go

    You approach the car that you have previously reserved. Before pressing the “Open” button in the application, carefully inspect the car for scratches, dents, and other damages. This is necessary in order to later prove your innocence in case of damages. Usually, the application has a section where you need to upload a photo of the car’s body. After you open the car, the service starts. We recommend taking a photo of the inside of the car if you notice anything strange, such as dirty seats or missing floor mats. Now you can use the car for your needs. Agree, with the help of car sharing, it is easier than ever to go on a trip without having your own car.

    Step 5. Complete your trip

    At the end of the trip, the car must be left in designated parking areas, which are marked with colored zones on the map in the application. Corporate software for car sharing allows any branch of the company to see the location of the cars in the fleet. So, if you take the car in one area but leave it in another part of the city, the company’s manager will be able to find it. In addition, don’t forget to return the car in the same condition in which you started the trip. Take photos of the body and interior after use, take your belongings, and close the car using the special button in the application. By following these tips, you can easily and hassle-free use the car sharing service.

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