How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

    Androids are amazing not because of the features that they offer us when in working condition, but also when they are old and out of date. Do you know that you can turn android phone into security camera? Keep reading to know more.

    Don’t let your old Android bury in dust somewhere in the drawers.  Make optimum use of them even when they are not in the working conditions. Wondering how? Well, if you don’t know there are apps that can turn your old Android phone into home security cameras.

    Here are a few apps that you can consider downloading to turn your android phone into security camera:

    1. IP Webcam

      IP WebcamIP Webcam is one such app that can help turn android phone into security camera. The app uses the Android phone to broadcast video on your home WiFi network. You can conceal the phone somewhere like near the main door of the house or some cupboard to keep an eye. Running the app may cause quick drainage of the battery. Therefore, you may have to plug in for the duration you would like to spy.

    2. tinyCam Monitor

      TinyCam MonitortinyCam Monitor is yet another app that can turn android phone into security camera. This app is however free to download and works quite efficiently. With this app you can even spy or record in the dark with infrared LED’s. Moreover, the app allows you to connect as many as four cameras at a time.

    3. Perch

      PerchPerch is also one of the popular apps that can turn android phone into security camera. The app is also available for free to download on the Android Playstore. To use the app, one might be required to create an account. Once an account has been created, the user then will be taken to set the setting of the camera. The App once configured on the phone can not only capture videos but also record audio. Using the app you can also get live feeds of the area. Suppose you are away and want to keep an eye on your house, you can leave your old Android equipped with perch at home to ensure the security of the home.The app can get you live feeds of the area or place to any place. You can set up more than one device for perch to spy the area. Perch has one amazing feature – DVR. The feature allows its users to have view of something that happened in the past.

    4. SalientEye Home Security Alarm and Alfred

      salienteyeSalientEye Home Security Alarm and Alfred and other apps are also available on the Google Playstore for download. SalientEye is a remote control app that can capture the images, video and record audios and share it with you. The apps are password protected and they notify you through email and SMS when something suspicious is noted.

    These are just some of the best apps that can be used to turn android phone into security camera.Who would have wondered that one day the Androids would become our watch dogs taking care of our stuff when we are not around? The Androids have many apps that make it a better operating system to have than the others.

    Many of us have old Androids dumped in drawers, cupboards and other places. These devices are expensive investment and should be used wisely. Don’t let your old Android bury in dust and make the best use of it by turning it into a spy camera and keep an eye on what happens behind your back.

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